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Internet advertising in Pakistan

An integrated campaign on cross media is generally recommended for FMCG brands. Provision of annual and seasonal budgets allows the major brands to advertise on all available medium in order to get blanket coverage for the promotions and also to ensure maximum reach of their message.

With the extensive and unprecedentedly increase of smart phone and internet users in Pakistan, the internet have become a very solid source of communication.

Especially for the smaller brands and services with localized market and minimum geographic scope of work, find the internet marketing as very effective communication tool. Online selling as compare to conventional selling through retailers and traders, serves multiple purpose of promotion and selling at the same time. The technology for online selling has become very friendly and easier to access for every business segment.

If a brand or service with minimum budget wants to advertise through internet in Pakistan, be it on social media or through Google ads, the rates in comparison to other countries is very economical .If an analysis of rate comparison is conducted, between the internet and conventional media, the CPM (cost per thousand) would be lot more cheaper in case of internet advertising.

The strategic designing of the internet campaign is very important and crucial to get maximum benefits through the placement of advertisement on various website. Identifying the consumer and comprehensive analysis of Google keywords, prior to the placement, also ensures maximum reach.

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author

Advertising on Face Book

Effectiveness of Facebook Advertising

The content on the face book that appears on the timeline or newsfeed of every user is generally observed as very authentic information .People have started relying more on social media in the current decade . However, the importance and influence of conventional media cannot be denied .Another fact is that major source of current affairs news on social media is still the traditional media TV and Publications.

All the current affair news, snap shots and even the videos are extracted mostly from TV channels. The fact remains that through social media and especially through face book, the information is sent deeper among the masses and it is repeatedly uploaded by the variety of users. The hammering of the information about one subject on the Facebook timeline of the users creates a very solid impact on minds.

The question remains, that does the audience of the Facebook make their decisions of buying, after witnessing an ad on Facebook. The psychology of human mind about the impulsive reaction after watching on advertisement varies and depends on the fact, where and on which medium they have seen the advertisement.

Apparently, it is easier to sell a makeup kit or a shirt through Facebook advertisement, but it is doubtful that a company that sells air conditions can rely only on social media to sell its brand.

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author


10155869_10202717748919435_7105625137307626341_nIn conventional media the proof of reach remained a question unresolved for the media planners and brand managers .Even though some scientific methods have been introduced for electronic media for the evaluation of viewership ratings of tv channels , peoples meter do give an idea about the positioning of channels but you cant rely because of smaller sample sizes and household category in terms of demographics and psycho graphics cannot  be determined  to a precise level .In case of print media the accessibility  to the information about newspaper and magazine circulation  is comparatively less technical .However , the credible information about the circulation of a newspaper or periodical remains a debate it self and printing and subscription cost of newspapers does not give them high margins even after the advertising they get. if we compare digital media with conventional media the reach is world wide ,depends what you are offering and how determine you are to reach on every desk in the world , every user of internet . Besides the possibility of getting maximum reach through organic and digital promotion but accessibility to the data of prospective consumer and customer is much more easier in modern world of information technology.


In advertising industry, selling social media has become pretty common over the last few years. Similarly, software houses that were developing websites thought could do this as well. At the same time veteran trainers of advertising and marketing also jumped into the wide and deep horizons of social media without even know the basics of it. Unfortunately a vast majority of social/digital media professionals and brands advertising over it do not even realize the potential of it.

Social media is relatively a new field of study with history dating back to a decade only. Its huge success in terms of number of users forced the brands all over the world to use it to reach their potential consumers. At times, it was hard for brands to accept it. For example, Coca Cola’s official Facebook page was created by a bunch of individuals and later Coke had to purchase it for a substantial amount. Similarly in our country, brands were not ready to accept it. People were not ready to understand the dynamics. How much does an ad cost? What’s the ROI? What’s the point of having more fans when they are not buying my product — and so on…. These were some common questions in every mind. As a social media professional, trying to convince your client, you had to educate your client. Since 2009, there’s been a significant improvement. Companies started allocating separate funds for digital media campaigns. The fact that your each penny is spent in most transparent way and each click is reported; such features distinguish the spent on digital media from the rest of media buying, i.e. print, electronic etc.

For understanding social media, one has to keep in mind that this is a platform to interact. If you advertise your brands where people like to stay/pass, you certainly have a mileage. Just like you like to have a billboard on each traffic signal! Also, brands have to understand the potential and possibilities of social media. Brands on social media are like story tellers, one with the most interesting story wins! It is believed that social media has added another “P” to the 4Ps of marketing, and that is PARTICIPATION. Brands that tend to interact with the consumers are more likely to win the competition. Be apart whole digital media exposure, your Facebook page, provided used effectively, can be your business development manager, your HR manager, your customer service portal and your brand’s promotion. And similar is the potential for other social media tools and whole world of digital media. (Why we focus on social media is mainly because it is the major component of digital media, and one with easier acceptance.)

I believe, digital media market in Pakistan has grown significantly but it has truly a billion times more potential. Traditional advertising will soon come to a saturation point and global trends suggest that in such case brands will have to rely largely on digital media. Sooner your devise a competitive digital media strategy, the better and long lasting effects can be generated for your business.