10155869_10202717748919435_7105625137307626341_nIn conventional media the proof of reach remained a question unresolved for the media planners and brand managers .Even though some scientific methods have been introduced for electronic media for the evaluation of viewership ratings of tv channels , peoples meter do give an idea about the positioning of channels but you cant rely because of smaller sample sizes and household category in terms of demographics and psycho graphics cannot  be determined  to a precise level .In case of print media the accessibility  to the information about newspaper and magazine circulation  is comparatively less technical .However , the credible information about the circulation of a newspaper or periodical remains a debate it self and printing and subscription cost of newspapers does not give them high margins even after the advertising they get. if we compare digital media with conventional media the reach is world wide ,depends what you are offering and how determine you are to reach on every desk in the world , every user of internet . Besides the possibility of getting maximum reach through organic and digital promotion but accessibility to the data of prospective consumer and customer is much more easier in modern world of information technology.

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